Mothers of Wisdom  American Indian Heritage Day of Texas event - September 24.
Mothers of Wisdom
American Indian Heritage Day of Texas event – September 24.




The Indigenous Institute of the Americas is a nonprofit organization in the state of Texas. We are an all volunteer group  with a Council, Advisors, Elders, Youth and International Ambassadors who are all American Indian, Indigenous people to Central and South America, or have a deep conviction to learning about  and preserving our history and life ways.  Our Council is dedicated to collecting, preserving and disseminating accurate information about the diversity and similarities of our cultures. Our organization is recognized for its Seed Ambassador program, the Indigenous Grocery Store, Mobile Educational Community training (MEC training) and our annual event, Santa Fe Days in the Park.


Seed Ambassador Training
                    Seed Ambassador Training

Since 2008, we have sponsored, volunteered and provided cultural education to the Santa Fe Days on the Square event, a Native American Indian arts and cultural celebration held in Downtown Carrollton, TX and directed by the Old Downtown Carrollton merchants association.  In 2014, we were given the opportunity to assume the full ownership of the event. We have had two fun and successful years under the IIA supervision.  The Santa Fe Days event moved from Downtown Carrollton, TX to Sandy Lake Amusement Park  which reflects our name change to Santa Fe Days in the Park.

Santa Fe Days provides our organization with the opportunity, once a year, to bring our Purpose, Mission and Vision together so that our  Native American Indian culture can be understood by the general public.  As we grow the event, so too will be continued opportunities for cultural education and demonstrations.small-SFD-logo





“For years I have sensed people’s curiosity, desire and need to learn more about Indigenous people. My recent travels of almost four months throughout Europe further proved my feelings.  Meeting, interactive dialogue, answering questions, performing varied and multiple ceremonies with and for people from around the globe and for Mother Earth, strengthened my desire for us at and through the Indigenous Institute of the Americas, to be at the forefront to help humanity learn about Indigenous people of the Americas even as we learn about them.” 

Gregory G. Gomez  – Indigenous Institute of the Americas – President © 2013


Story Telling
             Gregory G. Gomez Story Telling